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Friday, July 4, 2008

Navoua to date...Jesus is here...

Well Navoua has been pretty full on...village visits during the day and rally at nite...

But all good none the less.

There have been quite a few people who have gotten saved during this time of the rally. Over 70 people for sure...

One one nite there were 28 kids between the ages 8-14 who gave their lives to Christ with tears running down their faces. Likewise there has been many adults as well.

Additionally many healings and deliverances have taken place. A homosexual got saved and delivered when he repented with tears down his face. Dad also had the opportunity of ministering on the radio - and likewise a lesbian called in repenting wanting Jesus to save and deliver her.

Many many lives have been convicted on immorality and repentance has been happening in the droves.

And as the bible says, "The signs will follow the preaching of the word of God" - and they sure have. One thing that is notable to me is a mother and daughter who both got healed. The 11 year old girl was completely deaf in her left ear from birth. Never heard before in that ear. And instantly Jesus opened it! She was so surprised - her face told more than a 1000 words! The mom had a tumoural growth of some sort in her abdomen - so much so that it was pushing her stomach out and causing severe pain. Instantly the pain stopped. She went and checked herself out and found that she could squeeze her tummy - the tumour was disappearing right there!

There have been so many kids with deafness healed - at least about 6! Last nite another little girl who had gone deaf in her right ear 6 months ago was healed immediately - she was so surprised, that with tears running down her face that she could hear, she hid behind her grandmother. A smile spread across her face.

An old man over 70 years old had severe back pains and stiffness. He really did move very slowly and stiffly. But last nite Jesus did what only Jesus can - heal the sick and set the oppressed free. This man started bowing down touching his toes, bending backwards, squatting, twisting - exercises that even some teens and young adults would have difficulty doing. God is so good. No pain whatsoever. And the smile - priceless.

The village visits have been quite amazing - people have been getting saved. They are so open to hearing the gospel.

The Nova's students and some of the team left today. Definitely miss them.

But we continue to march forward. Tomorrow there is an outreach in an Indian village at 2pm Fiji time. Please pray for this. I have never seen so many Hindu temples within 5 min walk of each other! That is definitely a stronghold here.

Talk more later.


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