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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jehovah Jireh - The All Supplying God...provider to Jughli Moorghi (chicken) among other things...

Hi all...
I wrote this the other nite (26/06/08) after the last meeting in Sabeto Settlement...but no internet access until now...

I am right now sitting on my hotel bed – everyone is over here right now having a bite and sharing their experience of tonight-the accumulation of the last 3 nites...

I am stuck with describing what God has done...I have so much to write, but my mind is emotions are numb in wonder of God...I am just hearing Peter say what I am thinking... “...the smile on their face, oh!”
And now the tears are filling my eyes again and running down my face...
It was the last nite tonite. And the last nite is always the toughest for me – it like the end of experiencing the greatness of God with these people and their community for this time period in such a concentrated way...and then there are goodbyes to be said – which aren’t easy to do. You just meet these wonderful Fijian people, and get to know them and work with them in disseminating the gospel to their community. And now it’s time to go. Saying bye to the Americans was tough-great guys & girls who are really passionate about God... keeping emotionally stable and dry eyes was tough...but now it is time for all of us to move thing for sure is it is great being part of the body of Christ...truly the blood of Jesus really makes you all part of one big happy family...and if we never meet again in this temporal least we will meet again in heaven...

But this time it has been different for me. I am so privileged to have grown up in a family that has experienced sharing the gospel to so many people in Australia and around the world. And seeing their smiles and hope etc fill their faces is priceless...But I finally really understand what the scripture means where Jesus said He was moved with compassion for those around Him...Compassion to take action. Not sympathy. But compassion. Compassion is really profound. It drives you to tell someone about the life that you have been given out of your personal conviction of the power in this God-given life. The life that is only found from the source of Life. Jesus Christ.

And tonite was no different...driving back to this place from Sabeto the team just prayed out to say thanks to God...and I couldn’t hold it back...tears just spilled out everywhere-not out of sadness for leaving these wonderful people and this beautiful community – but in absolute awe of God...His absolute ABSOLUTENESS. His absolute GREATNESS. His absolute MAGNIFICENCE. His absolute UNRIVALDENESS. No one – but no one can compare to Jesus and the change that He does to people’s lives. Taking away a sickness is just one aspect. The hope and freedom that is evident in their faces is amazing. Inspiring. Humbling. Truly awe inspiring. There is NO ONE like our God. No One.
I think of what dad preached the other nite – the challenge he put out...Can anyone find another person who is comparable to our God? Has there been any guru, any teacher, any prophet, and religious leader that has done what Jesus did and die the most blood leaking way possible but still rise from the dead? Can anyone save souls like Jesus Christ? No one – but no one is like our God. He is a class of His own. Above all the others.

I am crying typing this right now...

God is just so good...yes this is a song line...yes it is a famous line used among Christians...but honestly God is so good. This really what life is all about. The giver of life, Jesus Christ, saved our souls. He gave us life. And to be able to impart this life into others is just priceless...

Money cannot determine its value. Words escape me.

I will just give you a couple of highlights about tonite so you can understand where I am coming from...
There was a Fijian lady who came up for prayer. She had a boil on the left side of her lower back region. This started 1 month ago after she was cursed by someone in her village. She had backslided from God, but tonite rededicated her life to Jesus. Without knowing her, speaking to her or even seeing her down the line, dad stopped praying from people on the other end of the line as he had a word of knowledge – Jesus right now wanted to heal someone with an infirmity on the lower left region of their back...the details of the infirmity weren’t that clear, but the position of this infirmity was-the exact region though was really precise. This lady turned around to me with tears just spilling down her face...I told dad and he started praying for her. She wept as she forgave the person(s) who cursed her. But as he started to pray for her, she fell down. This witchcraft curse demon started to manifest and she started squirming and trying to bring up something...which she spat out into a container...When she got up from the floor, her face was changed. The smile coming through the tear stained face was priceless. No pain. NO PAIN!!! She had been in pain. This boil was causing her major discomfort. And now NO PAIN! I spoke to her and she said when she fell down she felt like there was a snake writhing within her working its way up her body to her throat – which is why she was trying to bring up. And Jesus set her free. The doctors couldn’t help her. There wasn’t anything they knew to do for this boil. Which makes sense as the Bible clearly says that we cant wrestle against spiritual behaviours with flesh and blood and our intellect. Have to knock the powers of darkness down with the greater power of the Kingdom of God.

The reality of the deeper effects of these sort of physical ailments only really hit me today. Yes it is great that diseases are cast out of people’s lives and their bodies restored – but deeper than that is the emotional hope that comes with it. The emotional liberation. No amount of counselling can do what Jesus does. Nothing compares to the name of Jesus. Human intellect just doesn’t match up with God’s way of doing things. Nothing compares to the authority in the name of Jesus. He gets rid of sin, sickness and disease – and imparts hope, peace, joy, happiness into the person instead. He imparts life. His life. And gives them the reason for living.

There was a 14 y/o Fijian boy whose eyesight was deteriorating very badly. It had already deteriorated badly. He was very short sighted. Objects that were 3+ metres away he could not distinguish let alone words! Dad prayed for him. He fell down. When He got up there was some improvement in his eyesight as he could read a small sign on a building about 4 metres away! But no further. Dad prayed for him again. He fell and again when he got up his eyesight was still the same. Dad prayed for him again but this time in obedience to the word of God that he was told to do the 1st time he prayed for this boy– like Jesus mixed spit and sand together and put on the blind person’s eyes in the bible, dad spat onto his hands and rubbed his saliva onto the boy’s eyes. Again he went down. But this time when he got up, he could see great distances. He could read the sign from about 8 metres away. He could see and count a group of men standing in the dark about conservatively 9 metres away. He could see their hand gestures. Totally healed. But the smile. Oh so priceless. His mother was delivered the other day from bodily issues she had. She doesn’t speak fluent English – actually it is very very broken – and just stood to one side saying this one statement, “Thank You very much God! Thank You very much God!”I spoke to her. Her son has had this eye problem for quite a while, and it is progressively getting worse and worse. His schoolwork is negatively affected. He can’t keep up with the other kids in his class. But they can’t afford medical help. But Jesus was able to meet their need.

There was another boy about 15 years old who had a major hearing impairment problem. His hearing was so bad that he could not hear his teacher in class and had fallen behind his school work badly. You just about had to talk really really loud and be very close to him for him to hear what was being said. However Jesus – the ALL SUFFICIENT one – able to meet our every need – met his. Hearing completely restored. Laurie tested it out. Laurie stood about 3 meters away and whispered some statements. I was sitting on the same bench as this boy, and honestly I had to really listen carefully for what Laurie was saying. This boy could so clearly hear everything that Laurie said and repeated it word for word. No lip reading involved here because Laurie didn’t move his lips much and also because English is not this boys first language. But Jesus restored his hearing completely. That was so amazing. But more than that even was his smile. It told more than a thousand words. Education is so important over here. It is their passage out to a better life. And the realisation that he could hear and what the repercussions of this were overwhelming. All he could do was smile. Smile. Smile. Not just his mouth – but his eyes. Filled with hope. Exuberant joy. Amazement at God’s love for him.

Another one is that there was a bus dropping people in from a nearby town, Lautoka and picking them up at 10pm. On the dot – if you were late, you would miss the bus. But on the last nite, the driver came at 10pm and decided he wanted to see what was happening. The man didn’t even hear the preaching. But when he saw people being set from demons, some wild manifestations, healings etc – he decided to join the line accept Jesus as His Lord and Saviour. The bus only ended up leaving after 11pm because they were waiting for the driver who wouldn’t leave until he had given his life to Jesus and had received Jesus Christ as his Saviour!!!

There was a Hindu woman we witnessed to the previous day in her home when we were doing house visits. She was very staunch – vegetarian, etc – the whole works. But what we said about Jesus inspired something in her and her daughter. They came that night and the mum; dad and daughter surrendered their lives to Jesus. The mum also had some sort of skin disorder on her face – it looked almost like the top layers of her skin had burned off. But within 2 days, her skin is healing and clearing up. Dan spoke to her. She said, “All I want to do is praise Jesus for being so good to me. I just want to thank Him everyday all the time for the rest of my life.”

There was another lady. She was as Hindu – dot, ashes the whole thing. But she couldn’t sleep. Evil spirits would attack her in her sleep with evil dreams etc. But she gave heart to Jesus on day 1. The next day she came up again in the line – this time not for prayer but rather to just say Jesus “thank you!” For the 1st time in a very long time, she was actually able to sleep the whole night without fear and no attacks of these evil dreams and evil spirits.
I hope you can feel what I am feeling...Jesus is soooo good. There is nothing like seeing hope, joy and peace being imparted into a person’s life. It shines out of their eyes. Their smile. They may not have everything in the world materially – but they have something more priceless than all the gold in the world – PEACE. HOPE. That no matter what life may through at them. No matter what they may go through. Jesus is with them. They have Jesus. And He is someone they don’t take for granted. He is so precious to them – because of what He has done for them.

Whoa – Jesus is way too good for me to comprehend.

It truly is all because of Jesus we are here. Because of his blessings – because of his bountiful blessings.
Just like this mother, I just want to say “Thank you very much God! Thank you very much Jesus! Thank you so very very very much!” There is so much more I could write about.

What is so amazing is how spot on God answers prayers. We prayed and asked God to send in principalities. To send in demonic strongholds. To save people of influence. We took authority over all demons of witchcraft and curses associated with them. We prayed for Jesus to restore sight to the blind. To heal the deaf. To recreate. To do what only He can do. To change lives. God’s style. God’s way. And He did. He did and soooooo much more.
There was a youth pastor from Lautoka. Ps. Eddy. He fell off a horse a few weeks ago and was in severe pain on the left side of his body. He was the last person to come for prayer. From about 9.30pm – 12am people were being prayed for and receiving Jesus. But he was controlling the sound system and also leading the music. But he came for prayer at about 11.55pm. This demon of infirmity started manifesting and he started staggering around, in excruciating pain. Suddenly his legs gave way and as dad cast this demon out of him, the demons of infirmity and pain left so violently that dad actually felt some unseen force come out of Ps. Eddy’s back and hit really hard into his own hand! Eddy got up from the floor – no pain. NO PAIN. Totally healed.

On Tuesday we went walking the streets, praying, talking to people on the way. It was a really great experience. And I think it was a great time of bonding for all of us. We split into 2 groups and headed into opposite directions down the main road. There was Luke, Peter, Cliantha, Liz, Kelly and I in our group. It was full on prayer, praise and hard core spiritual warfare proclaiming the supremacy of Christ and telling the devil who we are in Christ – more than conquerors with authority over him and his low life demons – and reminding him that he is defeated. We prayed in turns for nearly 2 hours straight, loudly and unashamed about our God. On the way back we stopped at the Sabeto Moslem Primary School and spoke to the kids through the fence. They were so eager to tell us about the “Sleeping Giant Mountain” – complete with directions, which taxi to catch and what instructions to tell the driver. Totally precious. So cute. So helpful. Some of the kids weren’t moslem. But heaps were. We told them about Jesus and the rally and invited them to come with their parents. One moslem boy was totally amazed with mum’s healing and said he wanted to come. His other moslem friends told him that he couldn’t do that – he couldn’t go to that place with those people. But this boy was adamant – he simply wanted to learn about how a brain tumour could simply disappear. How could this man called Jesus do something like that? We took pictures with them. They were so stoked. The next day I went back to by “Monkey Balls” red peaches from the school – the kids were so happy that this bunch of foreigners came back to their school.

But what was truly amazing was one of these Moslem kids – a 7 year old – walked to the meeting all by himself. And was one of the last people to walk home – well after 10.30pm all by himself. He was brought up as a Methodist. But was so amazed to see people getting healed. And the words dad had preached that he now wanted to become a preacher. He was going to tell his parents what he heard. They came the following nite with him. There was another bunch of kids from older grades who were also from the Moslem school who came to the meeting.

So much has happened. Too much to write down. But the most important thing is roughly 50 people, including Hindu’s, Moslems and Sikhs, and native Fijians gave their lives to Jesus. And to see the transformation clearly visible in the never ending smiles that are plastered all over their faces is worth it all. Worth the mozzies. Worth the midgies and sandlies. Worth the humidity. Worth any discomfort. Because we know that with Jesus in our boat, there is nothing to worry about. He is so great. So awesome.

But really I just want to say Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord God so much for what you have done. Honestly this is what life is all about. THIS is what life is all about. Jesus imparted LIFE into our life. And there is nothing more worthwhile than imparting His life into the life of these people. Life truly is worth living because of Jesus. There is nothing in this life that can take the place of Jesus.

Thanks for the prayers...God is answering them in ways we cannot comprehend...

I don’t want to come home...


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  1. Hello Padayachees! So good to see what God is doing there. What a mighty God we serve. Will continue to uphold you all in prayer as you prepare for your next "mission". USA