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Thursday, July 10, 2008

What can I say? How do you describe the indescribable God? - date 02/07/08

Here is another blog compiled during Fiji mission - date 02/07/08 - unfortunately internet difficulties and computer time restraints prevented me from posting this while there...

Blog date: 02/07/08

“Well what can I say? What can I do? But offer this heart oh God completely to You” (lyrics from The Stand by Joel Houston).
This is fast developing into one of the most memorable moments in my life. Definitely the highlight of this year to date. Up there with the trips to South Africa and Mauritius.

God is so good. Too good. Uncomprehendably good.

We’ve been doing village visits to the poor village visits around Navoua. And in more ways than one it has been a blessing all persons involved – we have all been on the receiving end...

One thing about the people we have visited is that they may not have everything materially – in some circumstances if anything at all...but they are focused on what is more important – relationships with family. They are so open and accepting to allowing us into their homes and hearing the gospel message. Although there have been some who have not accepted the invitation to the meetings, there have been so many others who have come and heard the Gospel and received Christ.

On Tuesday we and the Nova students went to visit and orphanage just outside Nausori. Although the bulk of the 38 residents were away at school we were able to spend time with 6 disabled/special needs children. It was sad to learn that the majority of the children had parents but were simply abandoned at birth. But at this home you could see that they were well cared for and loved by the staff.

Yesterday (Wednesday 2/7/08) – was rather spectacular. It started with village visits. The families were open and welcoming. But one household – the man of the house – was rather intrigued and taken aback by the sacrifice that Jesus did on the cross for us. Although he claimed to be a Methodist, he acknowledged that he did not fully serve the Lord. But what intrigued me is that most people although they knew the ‘textbook’ answer as to “Do you know who Jesus is? Why did He come to earth? What is Jesus doing now?” – with responses such as “He is God’s Son; He died on the cross for our sins; He is in heaven now” – the reality of such questions as to who Jesus really is and what He really had to go through on the cross to bear our sins and that He is actually in heaven continually praying for us daily – that really hit them. When I described the suffering that Christ went through on the cross for our sins – the fact that His back was ripped open to the extent you could see His ribs and spine...that His kidneys were cut apart...that the crown of thorns ripped His head and temples open...that when the soldiers pulled of Jesus beard they ripped of the skin and flesh with it so He was “defaced”...that the nails used were not nails that we know of but really large coarse iron spikes in the shape of a long pyriamid...and that when the sword pierced His side it also cut His internal organs such as His lungs as it plunged into the sac surrounding His heart to release the blood and water...that really clicked with them...

That really made them stop and think...Jesus did this for me...

One man really opened up about is alcohol problems etc. Another really staunch Hindu lady with all the paraphernalia clearly placed outside her home and inside, with a big dot and ashes on her head – came last nite to the meeting. She simply lapped up everything we told her in her home – and although she clearly mentioned that other Christians had come to her house etc, and she had heard it all before – her eyes became watery when she realised that Jesus did that for the extent she came to the meeting.

We went for a walk around Navoua praying in the streets and one word. WOW! In one stretch there were 3 Hindu temples within 5 mins walk of each other. We took authority over these spirits and really prayed for God to bring the people in.

What has been so great is seeing the people we have witnessed to come to the meetings...and some give their lives to Christ.

Today was another village visit and outreach service this morning...but gotta go – talk more about that in the next post.

Thanks for the prayers-God is answering. Tumours, cysts, growths are dissolving, ears are opening, homosexuals are being set free, adulterers and fornicators are repenting – and to top it off lives are coming to Christ. Which is the most important miracle. The reason why we are here.


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