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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Upcoming Brisbane Meeting - 3rd May 2009

Hi again (3rd time tonite I know...)
Just a quick announcement of an upcoming meeting in Brisbane, Australia:
Jesse & Cookie Padayachee will be ministering at Kenmore Baptist Church, Kenmore Brisbane
Time: 5pm, Sunday May 3rd 2009.
Address: Main Auditorium, Kenmore Baptist Church, 57A Kenmore Road, Kenmore.
Come along if you are sick. If you need healing in your body. Healing in your mind. Healing in your emotions. If you want to know who this JESUS really is. Truthfully, there is no point going by what you hear other people say, or what you read in a book or on the net from google. Those are those people's opinions. If you want to know about Jesus, there is only one way to do it. And that is find out for yourself.

...or bring someone along that fits the profile above or has their own set of needs.

Jesus Christ is the answer for whatever life throws at you. Whether it be cancer. or aids. or TB. or schitzophrenia. SOLUTION? He healed the sick...and still does.

or depression. or suicide. or marriage breakdown. or confusion. or job loss. or fear. SOLUTION? He spoke to the wind and told the storm to calm down...He can do it for you too!
or anorexia. He fed 5000 men beside women and children by multiplying 2 loaves of bread & 5 small fish. He most definitely is interested in your health, including nutrition!
---a word of warning...this meeting FILLS UP FAST & EARLY! Get there early to get good parking & seating in the main auditorium. There is another room set up to cater for overflow if needed though.
:0) anneline

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