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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Zealand Highlights - April 2009 Part 1

Hi Everyone,
Okay Jesse is still ministering in New Zealand as this blog gets posted.
However he has finished ministering at the Baptist Men's Camp, in a rural (albeit cold!) location somewhere around Te Awamutu (sorry if I have spelt that wrong).
Having spoken to him briefly, the atmosphere can be summed up in one word: STIMULATING.
Men from all works of life, ages and denominations came together.
The Word was preached, and conviction on so many different levels was a real thing felt by so many people.

Repentance, healing, transformations in lives, faith increase...happened to so many men.
One man, who had a debilitating back condition that had troubled him for years, to the extent that it affected his sleep and out of necessicity was forced to do particular stretches everymorning due to the pain. Interestingly this man had a bone carving pendant hanging around his neck. The bone was from his grandmother's hip bone, which had been replaced some years back. However the bone starting to actually "heat up" as he was prayed for, that he had to remove it. The power of God was so strong that he hit the ground, back condition and all! Only thing is when Jesus is in the house, no matter how hard you fall, nothing will go wrong. But rather right. As it was for him. He got up of the floor later, no back pain and had the best sleep ever. No back pain in the morning either!
How Great is our GOD! Although back pain may be considered as a "small" obstacle compared to others, anyone who has had a crook back will know how annoying and frustrating and confining it can be. For this man this was real problem in his life. And yet the God who spoke the universe into existance. Who called the stars by name and put them in the positions. Who created the planets and moons by His spoken word and placed them in their orbitals...This same God, reached down to where he was at and set him free. Not because of how good he was. Our how needy he may have been. But rather because of his faith. Faith is what moves the hand of God. When He sees that yes we trust Him unconditionally because we know that only He can do it, then He does do it.
And this same concept seemed to one of the many "stimulants" resounding from the men at the camp. To the extent that they were disappointed that it was over. That they had to go home.
Funny that. How the Word of God is such a magnet. That we just cannot get enough off!
:) anneline

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