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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mudgeereba Church meeting - Have faith in God.

Last sunday (May 17 2009) was glorious in every sense of the word...We were at Mudgeereba Community Church at the 10am service. And as a major understatement, but one that can be easily understood by all - it was Great!
The presence of God was so tangible, and the expectation of what He was to do that service was so thick you could cut it with a knife.
Jesse & Cookie shared the testimony of Two Years to Live. And although it will be 18 years this year since Jesus healed Cookie from the death-sentence solid brain tumour, the power, mercy and amazement of God's healing, love, restoration as well as the underlying the principles of who we are in Christ seemed never lost its intensity.
Tears running down the faces of the audience indicated the absolute awe of God's goodness over the oppression of the devil. And their faith was notably stirred up as practically 70% of the church came up the front for prayer for all sorts of personal and health issues - both young and old alike. One lady in her mid 40's -50's I recall was not able to bend forward, and her movements were VERY limited due to a back injury she has sustained many years earlier - to the extent that she could not remember the time when she was able to move freely - was instantly healed. She couldnt stop bending and touching her toes. A mixture of gleeful smiles, laughter and tears rushing down her face as she spoke of her healing to the rest of the church could not hide the exuberant joy that Jesus had healed her. She was totally beside herself. And she was just one of many others who had massive grins plastered all over their faces as they left.
I could go on describing the service more etc...

But the important gist of the message is that there IS NOTHING TOO DIFFICULT FOR OUR GOD. When you really step out in faith. Really put your trust in Jesus. Really make a commitment to trusting that He has and is the answer for your situation. He comes through with the goods.
"Have faith in God through Jesus. Let your hope rest on the faith He has placed in your heart. Never give up. Never let go of the faith He has placed in your heart." (lyrics adapted from the song Have faith in God by Darlene Zschech.)

And for those of us who have a story of God's amazing goodness in our lives - SHARE IT!! He didnt change your life around and deliver you from whatever was causing you turmoil in your life for you to put it in a box and sit on it! Share it. Someone else may be going through that same situation. Or a different one. But either way they need to know that Jesus is their answer. So SHARE IT!! Remember that the Bible says of the saints of old that "they overcame the devil by the Blood of the Lamb & by the word of their testimonies & they loved not their lives even unto death" (Rev 12:11, KJV). Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice - He life in place of our. His Blood so that we can be saved and made whole and healed in our bodies! God keeps His promises to those who follow Him - so SHARE your testimony. Even if others think you're a bit fruit loopy...Honestly if Jesus thought that dying for a bunch of sinners, which is what we are, is fruit loopy when He is the perfect Son of God (which when you really think about it is fruit loopy - no-one would die for a total stranger, especially a morally-depraved sinful stranger - yet Jesus Christ did it not for one person - but for all of humanity), then there would not be any salvation of us. So...go out there and share your story of the change that Jesus has made in your life.

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