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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Backpain...? What backpain...? Email from Lautoka, Fiji

Hey there,
Okay Fiji 08 - Mission 3 has just kicked off as the crew have left for Fiji at roughly 11am this morning (and still have another 1.5 hours to go til landing...).
They arrive in Nadi tonite at ~7pm local time and then drive from there straight to the Coral Coast about 3.5 hours away. Pray for their safety too - Fijian roads are something to behold...and experience...especially at nite as they come complete with cows, horses, pigs, piglets and massive potholes that are so big the locals reckon you could do a lovo in them :)!

The rally starts tomorrow. And there is only one thing we ask you to keep doing - and that is pray...for our "God is faithful and just to hear" (1 John 1:9) and answers "above and beyond our greatest expectations" (Ephesians 3:20). Please pray for many souls to come to the saving knowledge only found in the Saviour of the world, Jesus Christ.

On another note though...I got this email late last week for Ps Eddie in Lautoka, Fiji. It is such a great encouragement of the goodness of God, the restoration, healing, deliverance that only can be done through His Son Jesus...Ps Eddie (a youth Pastor in Lautoka) had majorly chronic backpain that was caused by a fall of a horse. This pain had been constant for numerous months, making everyday movement difficult to say the least. However what is so inspiring is that regardless of this pain, Ps. Eddie still attended all meetings, even did the food and clothing drops in Sabeto village carrying many bags and walking many km's like the rest of us. He was in charge of the sound system etc and also led worship on stage. On the last nite in Sabeto, after everyone else had been ministered too, at about 11.55pm, he came up for prayer for his back...Talk about common aches and pains sometimes becoming spiritual!! It was totally riveting watching a demon spirit of infirmity come out of his back. The poor guy dropped to his knees, his face clearly displaying unbearable agony that he was going through, gasping and groaning in pain...but in the name of Jesus, this debilitating oppression left him. He got up and started twisting, turning, bending, touching his toes etc...This is all on video. When I get some more time I may post it. I won't comment anymore...but rather you read on and enjoy...and be encouraged...God is on the throne. But is still close enough to meet you where you are at.

Email from Ps Eddie Molia, Lautoka Fiji

September 26 at 12:14pm
Bula Anneline,
Hey I'm all good......yea that was a powerful prayer of healing...yes indeed God is really working. Well with that back pain, I would say...I've been totally healed. Right now I even forgot that I had that pain on my back...Totally healed in Jesus.
Bless you all....Ps Eddie.

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  1. Well here again....Eddie Himself.
    Yes what a Privilege to be touched by God again. And thanks to the padayachee family for reminding me once again the power of Jesus Christ.
    It was an awesome was that day i knew i was suffering so bad but at the same time was busy with all the technical stuff of the crusade.
    Thinking i would not have the chance to get prayed for....but i thank God it was that moment when i was packing down God spoke to me, and my faith was tested......a whole lot of things was going through my mind when everything was over....things like hey eddie you don't need that prayer......and oh it's over give the man of God a break hes tied......hey eddie the Ps is living now it's too late....but Praise be to was that simple obedience and faith that brought my healing through that made Jesus turn and said there you are my son....i was waiting for you all along. And yes indeed i am totally healed. Thank you Ps padayachee for represent the healing hands of Jesus here in Fiji.