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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Singapore zzzzzz

Yeah so in between the last time I was on - all of things have been happening...

Fiji was great. And that is a massive understatement.

Many souls were saved. People restored. And lives changed in ways that only the life-changer, life-giver can do.

But right now I write this blog from a Singapore Airport nap lounge chair.

Yep that's right - the whole crew is in Singapore right now - enroute to South Africa.

It is going to be a time of major sharing with family and friends about the Saviour of the World. As well as ministering in some of the churches around in Durban.

A very full-on 6 weeks to say the least. But one with much expectation.

But for now i am about to head to sleep for a couple of hours before catching the next flight over to South Africa.

And greeting the wonderful country of South Africa a warm, Aussie "Hello JOZI" greeting :)

Catch you later.


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