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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palm Island -day 1: Fresh off the plane with people eagerly waiting

(Palm Island ~60km off the coast of Queensland, Australia - in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef!) (One of the pristine beaches on Palm Is)

Spoke to Jesse last nite and here is a quick update on the latest of what's happening on Palm.

And one thing is for sure - Palm Island would have to be the place to be right now :)!

Jesse arrived yesterday late afternoon and went straight to a meeting.

There were about 40people gathered! This is absolutely amazing. To have 40 people in Palm Island gather together to hear about Jesus is like the people packing the Brisbane convention centre to hear about Jesus! Consider this - the Palm Island population is roughly 5000 people...and you could count the number of people attending the church on your hand - two hands on a really good day. So 40 people gathered together on a Tuesday nite to hear about Jesus is pretty full on :)!

There were 4 people who gave their lives to Jesus for the first time. And there were another 4 backslidders who recommitted their lives over to the Lord.

And from the word go, it was an amazing demonstration of the power of God. Demons were screaming out, crying out left, right and centre. It could not be denied that Jesus is alive. It could not be denied that the same Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead (i.e. the Holy Spirit) was present right there.

God was simply being God and doing what only He can do through the power His Son Jesus purchased for us at the cross. People were set-free from all sorts of oppressions...and all this happening in the presence of the Palm Island community leaders. Well politicians and community groups need to know that Jesus loves them too. That Jesus died, was entombed but rose up from the dead for them too. That Jesus is able to change lives still today. That Jesus can and will change their life too.

And it could not be denied that Jesus loves the lost. He loves the destitute. He loves the broken. He loves the drunk. He loves the abused. He loves the hopeless. He loves the depressed. He loves the sick. He loves the violent. He loves the unwanted. He loves those that society ostricizes. He loves community leaders. He loves politicians. He loves the poor. He loves the wealthy. He loves the unemployed. He loves the business-person. He loves men. He loves women. He loves the old. He loves the young. He loves adults. He loves babies. He loves adolescents. He loves the road worker. He loves the developer. HE LOVES EVERYONE. To the extent that He would take our place on a rough, dirty cross and die so that we can be free. He loves us so much that He rose from the dead so we do not need to be eternally separated from Almighty God. That is who Jesus is.

A great time of freedom...and this was on nite 1! And this is still continuing until next week Monday.

Keep praying. God is answering.

:) anneline

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