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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sabeto village mission day 1

Hi again everyone...

Well today has been just fantastic. Very different from what we are used to back home. But totally awesome in every way possible...very humid...very sticky...but so worthwhile :).

We did village visits to the Sabeto community. We were joined with other Christians from Lautoka and also a group of US uni students here with YWAM. Today entailed a LOT of walking - in the mud, through some pretty rough, stoney patches, long grass to deliver food hampers to households in the community. The aim is to deliver these packs to all 1000 households, and today we delivered over 100 packs. Apart from just delivering food, the gospel message, the most important delivery, was ''deposited" into each household - the good news of The Saviour of the world, Jesus Christ. It was a really humbling feeling being "posties" delivering this good news message. The majority of people I met were hindus - but nevertheless very receptive to hearing the gospel and accepting prayer in their homes. People are definitely eager to hear about Jesus and are very interested in coming to the rally being held next Monday through Thursday in this place. So please keep praying for Sabeto - that the lives we have met today will come to this great opportunity to experience Jesus in His might and power. In one group two Hindu women spontaneously gave their hearts to the Lord. Another women completely bound up with demons began to manifest when prayed for and had some release from this oppression.

We are also know seeing fruit of last years mission as the community is turning to Christ - the local church plant has had 5 acres given to them to house the site of a future church building in this area. The location is prime - right next to the community store. The rally's will be held on this land.

We were expecting to have a rally tonight, but plans changed - which is okay because all things are in God's plan...and tomorrow is going to be a really full on day. Starting at 10am in the Lautoka COC followed by a 3pm service. Paul Stanfield will be involved in a pastor & leaders training - so yeah it is full on!!! Please pray for all of these meetings, for strength, for courage, for the uncompromised Word of God to be preached. For the hearts of those who hear to be open and receptive like the fertile ground Jesus spoke of in the parable Mark 4:1-33.

We have taken photos and video clips - but I have posted up only a couple that really hightlight and capture the lovely people that we ministered today in this community. This house-2-house mission drop will be happen next Monday - Thursday as well.

Thanks for the prayers. Keep it up. Our God hears. Our God lives. Our God answers. Because He alone can. He is the Unrivaled God.


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  1. Woke this morning at 5am to pray for you guys. The Nova kids are so stoked and looking foward to to night trip there. We are many parts but one team united in God's call over Fiji. Can't wait to hear the reports of God's grace there. Praying for the immigration problems to be resolved as well.
    Isaiah 52:7 How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who bring good news who proclaims peace who brings glad tidings of good things who proclaims salvation who says our God reigns.