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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meetings on the Gold Coast

Hey everyone.
Yes it is official - I am the worst blog updater in the history of blog updating!

2011 was full on year.

And 2012 has already got off to a majorly full on start.
We were in South Africal for 6 weeks Jan-Feb 2012.
It was an "unofficial" trip - no one save our immediate relatives knew we were coming.
However God as always has other plans. And every weekend Jesse and Cookie were invited to minister.
There were so many people who came to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
Healings, deliverances etc...!
People were calling the place where we staying asking how they can give their lives to Jesus.
Across the board, all nationalities, socio-economic status groups etc., people are so HUNGRY for God in South Africa...!!!
Jesse and Cookie will be heading over again in the next few months - watch this space for more info!

But here in Australia, things are full swing too.
Every saturday night 7pm at the Carrara Community Centre, Nielsens Road, Carrara we are hosting meetings sharing about the goodness of Jesus Christ.
You don't have to be a Christian. You don't have to be a believer in any god, let alone Jesus Christ. You could downright be a devout atheist.
But the door is open to anyone who wants hope in a world of despair.

So if you get the chance, drop by the Carrara Community Centre, Nielsens Rd, Carrara @ 7pm every Saturaday night until 12 May 2012 (inclusive).

Hope to see you there.

;-) Anneline

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