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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raki Raki, Fiji - April 13-17 2011

Hey everyone,

It's been a shockingly long hiatus...sorry - my fault. Everything has been going full speed ahead, with meetings from Babinda to the Gold Coast, Sydney and even Melbourne.

Unfortunately I too have been run off my feet with work etc, that this blog kinda slipped to the back of the burner...dont worry I aim to keep it updated more frequently.

So right now Jesse is in Raki Raki, Fiji. He started ministering in a campaign over there from the 13th April and will go til the 17th April.

You know the Bible says that "when sinner repents, the angels in heaven rejoice"...well they must be having a totally full-on time of celebration up there right now. There have been quite a number of people who have come to the amazing acknowledgement that Jesus Christ loves them so much that He actually chose to leave the splendour of heaven and come down to mingy earth and die the most barbaric humiliating blood leaking death possible for them. For their sin. For their shame. For their despair. For their sickness. For their poverty. For them. Right where they are. Regardless of what they have done. He died for them. Took their place. Paid the priceless debt in full.

And the cool thing is that Jesus Christ is alive. The amazement of seeing people being healed and set free from whatever problems they had has obviously thrown so many people into a state of amazement and belief. And there are still a few more days to go.

So please folks, pray for Raki Raki. Pray for the people. Pray that the glorious gospel message would continue to reach out to all within hearing distance of the ministry. Pray for the church. Pray for the pastors who have to disciple these new believers. Pray for healings. Pray for deliverances. Pray for Jesse.



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