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Friday, July 16, 2010

Torres Strait Islands - Coconut Is (July 2010)

G'day g'day...!

So what's happening?

Yes it has been a shockingly long time since I last updated the blog...and for that I am truly sorry. Fingers, toes, eyes (& anything else too) crossed I will be more diligent in the next few months.

So back to the lastest happenings...

Jesse got back from a 12day trip up to the Torres Strait Islands - mainly based on Coconut Is, but also spending a day or so at Horn Is., before heading over to Cairns.

So why was he up there?
Because the TSI were celebrating "The coming of the Light" - about 100yrs ago the gospel message first came to the TSI. He was invited to come over ministering in evangelistic meetings.

...and was God God?

I know - dumb question...YOU BET!!!

Heaven came down and changed the lives of SOOOO many people.

In 12 days there were a total of 36 people saved. Roughly 20-odd young people aged between 16-late 20's gave their lives to Jesus at a youth rally.
People were being delivered from all manner of sickness, disease and oppressions of the devil.
Poltegeist activity was cast out.
Healings and deliverances were happening in the lives of these precious people just as they sat and heard the messages being preached.

The bible says that if 1 soul gets saved, all of heaven rejoices...and with 36 new names added to the roll, the party is going to be going on for a while...!

Apart from evangelistic outreach, the local TSI ministers/pastors also received ministering during the teaching sessions. was God God? better believe it!!

Thanks for the prayers.
We greatly appreciate it.
...and so do the lives of all those changed by the saving grace of Jesus Christ...!

God bless,

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