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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yamba 2010

G'day, g'day!

Yes I know it's been be honest...the last time I updated this site was last year...
...sorry been a little slack, but things have been hectic to say the least...!

But first things first:
1. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 (4 months late I know...)
2. Easter 2010...think about it - the old rugged cross. Worn out wood. Lots of splinters. Stained with dried blood. But yet it is on this old piece of rugged spintery worn out wood that the greatest gift to humanity ever was presented. Jesus Christ. God in the form of a human dying for us. Each and every person. You. Me. My family. Your family. The neighbours. The bus driver. The check-out chick. The burger flipper. The univeristy professor. The ER doctor....each and every single person. HE gave HIMSELF for You. For me. A gift that was humiliating. Barbaric. The leakiest way to die ever. But He did it. For You. For me.
...and the best part is that unlike some gifts that wear out over time, get old fashioned, rusty, broken, etc...Jesus Christ bounced back from the dead. And is ALIVE. Not dead. But alive. Not a pile of bones in a tomb or spread out all over the world. But He's ALIVE. Not some man-made object that you talk too but doesn't respond...No way. He's ALIVE. He LIVES. And just like He is all-mighty, all-victorious - He wants you & me to be the same - victorious in every hurdle life throws at us.
Now this is one gift that doesn't fall out of fashion...He's constant. He's the same. He's all-mighty.
He's all-victorious. And He's the best gift You, me, anyone can ever receive. He paid it all for us. He's a free gift to anyone willing to receive Him.

...and finally some highlights of things happening...

So tomorrow (4/4/10) we'll be joining our Aboriginal Christian family down in Yamba (northern NSW coast)...enjoying our ALIVE God. Sharing, singing, dancing, having fun testifying about the Greatness of our God. Jesus totally personifies AWESOMENESS. And it is such a great buzz to be able to share Him to those gathered in Yamba. Please pray for God to be glorified in all things.

Have fun.

...and I'll try to be more frequent...

:) anneline

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