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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Coen 2009 update 3

Hi all,

Okay brief update on Coen...

Jesse ministered up there in the community from Thursday 30 July 09 to Monday 3 August 09. Initially meetings were held in the backyards of different members of the community. A bit different from the city. But picturesque nonetheless...under the stars with a bonfire in the middle. The community were quite receptive to hearing the Good News message. By the end of the week the church hall, which normally only has ~10people attend had filled up to ~30-40 people eager to hear more about Jesus.

Some things of interest:

A man who was a severe alcoholic got prayed for 2 years ago the last time Jesse went up. And two years on...he is still completely delivered from alcohol. Never drunk again.

2 people gave their lives to Jesus, including one character noted for violence and drug abuse.

Normally disruptive children sat up to attention, absorbing all that Jesse was ministering about Jesus.

And when it came time to go, no one wanted that to happen...the community was and is changing as Pastor Graeme noticed..."if only another week...".

Some leaders from Ahnem Land (Northern Territory), Arukun & Yarrabah also came up to Coen for the meetings. And now want the same change that Jesus has made in Coen to make the same change in their communities.

But God is good and faithful and just - and the feeble hands and weak knees have been lifted up.

Please continue to pray on for Coen and the othe indigenous communities in North QLD.


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