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Monday, July 27, 2009

Coen, Far North QLD - Jul 09 trip

Hey everybody,
Just letting you know that Jesse is heading up to Coen this Thursday (29th July 09). Coen is an Aboriginal community with roughly 350 residents located in far north QLD. To put you in the picture, Jesse is flying from Brissy up to Cairns. Then an 8 hour drive from Cairns to Coen (2 hours sealed road + 6 hours dirt roads). Jesse will be up there for 1 week.
So you know the drill...please pray for the time of evangelism and ministry up there. Pray that Jesus would become real to each and every person; that what He did for them would become real; that who He is would become real; that what He is waiting to do in each life would become real. That John 3:16 would be clear as daylight to all.
:) anneline


  1. Thanks Anneline! I will be praying for you all for that week, hopfully won't forget..

    Have a blessed time up there sharing God with those people! So excited for you all.. :)


  2. Hi Josh,
    Thanks for the prayers and words of encouragement. It is an honour to be able to let others know about the One true great God.

  3. Hello Anneline you know me! :) You come to my church in Brisbane. :)

    I am confident that like always Christ will work mightly in Jesse. :) Hardly anything can bring problems to Jesse...always strong in Christ. :)

    It is true that our God is a GREAT BIG GOD!!

    Blessings in all your outreaches. :) Josh