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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fiji 09 - Coral Coast Update...70 and counting

As of last nite (Friday 26th June 09) there have been a minimum of 70 persons who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ. SEVENTY PLUS!! And I recall the scripture that says that "there is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even one sinner repents.”(Luke 15:10 NLT) - and here is a minimum of 70 - in Coral Coast, Fiji let alone the rest of the world...WOW! Heaven is sure the place to be right now when it comes having a celebration party!!!
And in other news:
Many people have been delivered of unclean spirits. A very notable deliverance of a young man on Friday nite being set free from the spirit of Kali - the goddess of destruction in was so wild that it dragged 7 Fijian men to the back of the auditorium as this person went into a trance. Jesse, who was ministering on the other side to a young 20-ish lady who had been deaf and dumb since birth, but in Jesus name her ears opened and for the first time she was able to speak words (albeit a bit hard as she had never articulated a word before - but she was able to say the numbers "One & two"), had to run over to the back of the church and cast the demon out. Being stubborn it refused to go arguing against Jesse why had he come to Fiji. This spirit was sent to kill this young man and it didnt want to leave until it had done its job. But it relented and he was set free.
A young girl also born deaf and mute was delivered earlier in the week - now completely hearing and starting to talk.
Another lady totally deaf in one ear - popped open and she can hear properly.
A woman stood on behalf of a man in Sinai, Egypt. This man had a growth growing next to his heart that was causing obstructions to proper heart functioning to the extent that doctors said he needed and operation. He was admitted to a hospital in Jerusalem. The nite before his operation, the lady in Fiji stood on behalf of him that Jesus would heal him in the Jerusalem hospital. The next day she reported back that when the man went for the operation, the doctors firstly wanted to examine the growth to see the extent of the problem before cutting...only thing is they couldnt find it...!!! It was there previously. That is the reason for needing the op...but he comes to the operation table...and now they cant find even a trace of a growth in that area!!!
And this is just a few examples of the great things that are happening in the lives of people in Fiji right now.
How good is our God. How great is our God. How Great is our God...All will see How Great! How Great is our God. He's the Name above all Names. (words adapted from How Great is our God by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves & Ed Cash).
Saturday 27th June is the last nite in Coral Coast. And oh yeah it is sure to be on fire!
Tomorrow some of the team return back to the land of Oz. Whilst Jesse, Kathy & Ian and the COC team will head back to Nadi for the campaign in Sabeto - starting Sunday nite 28th June.
Thanks for the prayers - Keep it going.
:) anneline

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